Synchronicity and Conclusion


As a final note, it is very intriguing how the events connect in synchronicity. When the English version was about to be finished in April 2012, a group of enthusiasts of the Manifesto in Spanish were already doing their own English translation in Denmark. They had developed a website specially designed to host the Manifesto in English. One day, the apprentice “casually” Google searched the term “Ayahuasca Manifesto” just to check what may come up. That’s how the apprentice found with a beautiful design ready to receive the new version. They met over Skype and became friends immediately, both laughing in joy for having found each other.

The Manifesto seem to have appeared to bring some order and ideals to the fragmentation and confusion that permeates today in the ayahuasca literature. Hundreds of papers and articles float in the internet with a wide range of approaches and perspectives, scientific papers, anecdotal accounts from artists and adventurers, pseudo religious sermons, travel reports, all lacking a common thread or direction. The Manifesto adds value to any newcomer researching the subject. After years of virality over the web, it has the potential to create a level of collective awareness that in itself shall protect the ayahuasca from the attacks she may receive in the future. We hope such is the case.

Thank you Mother Ayahuasca.