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    TamboUpon his return, he established himself in Pucallpa and connected with one of his old friends, Rony Rengifo, who was one of the therapists at Takiwasi Center. Rony had also followed the curandero tradition and was conducting ayahuasca sessions at the time. They decided to join forces and together they approached the government of Peru to apply for the purchase of a sizable track of jungle property with government financial aid. Instead of commercial exploitation they proposed a preservation project to keep the jungle in its natural state for posterity. They purchased the property and built a few jungle shacks or tambos, to host soul seekers from around the world that want to experience the jungle in it pristine state, while doing the traditional Dietas that involve deeper ayahuasca work.

    By 1998 their first tambos were ready to receive visitors. The campsite was named “Rinquia”, honoring the official name of the small river that flows through the property. José’s had a vision of using the emerging technology of electronic mail to promote their new healing retreat among the network of international contacts that he had developed over the previous decade while travelling to the USA and Europe. He launched an email campaign and a few months later, they were receiving the first participants. José and Rony were impressed to see how people was travelling thousands of miles to experience serious spiritual work. Since then, the word about his quality brew and his powerful shaman energy began to spread around America and Europe. To ensure success José and Rony started to travel the world promoting the retreat and then receiving dozens of participants in Rinquia.

    By 2009 Rony and José decided to continue under separate paths. José agreed to surrender his share in their Rinquia retreat and José went ahead to develop a new retreat in another area of the same property. He named his new retreat Munay, that means "to love" in the ancestral quechua language. Today Don José continues to conduct several Dietas per year that are booked via internet. With a maximum of 20 participants per Dieta, there are only about 100 soul seekers per year that have the privilege of working with Don José.

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