His Recent Times (2005-13)


In 2005 José established a marital relationship with a local Pucallpa lady and had his first son, José Andre Campos Moral. The family life gave him much happiness as it was another of his dreams that came true. He is a devoted father that enjoy to spend time with his kid as he is giving the love as a father that he never had.

In 2007, Don José recorded first CD production containing a few of his icaros or ceremonial songs. His first album, El Canto del Tiempo, today is widely recognized within the tribal musical genre. In 2008 he was visited by a book publisher and his photographer wife, who fell in love with the medicine and the amazing healing they both experienced. A few months later they came back with a film crew to do a documentary and to offer him a book deal. He accepted both and the following year he became the first and only Peruvian curandero that published a book about his work. A DVD also named after the book "The Shaman & Ayahuasca" was released, something that further expanded his international recognition. In 2012, the same publisher released another documentary filmed in Munay named “Living with Spirits”.

Also in 2008, he had a shocking vision where the Spirit of Ayahuasca blamed him for his indiscriminate cultivation of the plant without replenishing. She said that since he was making a living out of Her, She was warning him about his unavoidable responsibility to replenish. Out of respect and obedience, Don José developed his Munay Preservation Project, a track of land in Bello Horizonte in the Ucayali region with capacity to plant 10 thousand ayahuasca and chacruna plants. About 2,000 plans are already growing in the project and will gradually expand with help from supporters and donations from around the world. Don José is very aware of his obligation to “grow back” the ayahuasca that he uses for his work.

The Ayahuasca Manifesto

Don José has a few followers that he considers his apprentices and he supports them in the curandero path. In a Dieta he conducted in September 2008 one of them had this vision of the Spirit of Ayahuasca telling him to write a book in manifesto format to send a message to the world. To his surprise, when José read the first draft of the Ayahuasca Manifesto in Spanish, he found that all the concepts and ideas of the book were, one way or the other, his own. It was like if the Spirit of the Ayahuasca had found a scribe to put in words the things he wanted to speak about but did not know how to express them. He decided to embrace the Ayahuasca Manifesto as part of his mission, and dedicated a whole section of his website to this intriguing booklet. With the Manifesto, Don José better understood the meaning of his Munay Preservation Project, his discipline with the medicine, its handling, and the ethics of being a shaman.

From José to “Don José”

By the mid-2000’s almost everyone referred to him as "Don José", his international recognition and many years of service to others gave him the respectful prefix to his name. Although he insists on being named just plain José, people ignore his wishes and continue to call him “Don José”. He definitely deserves such respect, especially when the “Don” is something that years ago was reserved to honor the experienced elders but today even young apprentices add this prefix to their names only for marketing purposes.

Don José cooks his own medicine using assistants under his supervision together with his experience and wisdom. He does not sell medicine to anyone nor buys medicine from others. He believes in a chain of responsibility that goes from the cutting, preparation, cooking, and administration to the participant.

Now throughout this second decade of the millennium José continues to meet fascinating people, enriching his interesting life, and deepening his shaman power and energy to help in the universal expansion of the sacred medicine.

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